How to use C+ to revise for exams

Last week we talked about how you could use Countdownplus for work but this week it is all about how to use the app for exams. Exam season is already in full swing here in the UK and some of you may or may not still be revising in between exams. We have some tips below to help you revise for your exams.

Share Events

Much like with using the app for work, a lot of the time some of your friends will be revising for the same exam. So you could set up a countdown to say a particular subject like History, then you can personalise it, even if it is a countdown to an exam. Then share the code with your friends, so all of you are aware of when the exam is and how long you have left to revise for the exam. If you need an in-depth tutorial then check out the tutorial in blog form or video form.


Add Images

You might not want to add images to your exam countdowns and only add pictures to your exciting events. Think of it as an easy way to keep organised and make exams seem less boring. We recommend using some images from our image packs, which is an in-app purchase but adds colour to your countdowns. We think the pattern packs might suit your needs best. It will make your countdown timeline come to life.


App Icon Countdown

We have a feature called App Icon Countdown and it displays a number of days to your next countdown event. So this will really help out if your next event is an exam and you need to know quickly how many more days left till an event. If you want to turn it on then Open the App-More-App Icon Countdown and make sure it is turned on (green switch).

We hope these few tips helped you feel you could be more organised for any exams you have this year or for the future. Don’t forget to tag your countdowns with #countdown and #countdownplus

How you can use C+ for work

Countdownplus can be a great tool to use for not only your personal life but for work. We want to highlight some of our amazing features to help you with your work life.


A lot of time you will get meetings sent to you via your work email address, so our phone calendars get filled up with the meetings. One good way to make sure you never miss any of your meetings in the day is to simply add your events from the calendar tab on the app. You can add them at the touch of a button, simply tap on the plus button for any of the events you want to countdown to. If you need an in-depth tutorial then check out the tutorial in blog form or video form.


Location Tags

If you spend more time out of the office and go on site to a few places and don’t want to forget which meeting is in what building. You can now in Version 4.1 of the app, add a location tag just like you can on Instagram. Scroll down to the bottom of the edit countdown screen, you will find a location option. To check the location of the event, then hit the notepad to view the event details.


Share Events

Adding everyone who needs to attend the meeting can be a bit time-consuming. Why not add colleagues to the app, and you can all follow along with the event. This could help if you have a lot of recurring events since with our app, you can set it to countdown to repeat itself, every day, every week, every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, every month and every year. Or this could be a great way to make sure everyone is aware of a new product launch or just your usual Monday morning meetings. If you need an in-depth tutorial then check out the tutorial in blog form or video form.

We hope these few tips helped you out, let us know in the comments here if it did. Don’t forget to tag your countdowns with #countdown and #countdownplus.

Add Event Feature

We have another video tutorial turned into a blog post for you. For this blog tutorial, you will find out about the new event features on Version 4.0. This is for iOS only. This was our top answer from our Twitter poll so thanks for voting.

When updating Version 4.0 we have added a few new features when you add an event. You can now add who views your events. So change the Privacy, and select from 2 options. Me Only and Public. When you choose the new event feature you no longer have to add an end date to it. Say for example you are counting down to an event in a different country then you can now choose the time zone.

Appearance and style have been simplified. You will find all the editing tools for your countdowns on here now. Why not add a Location to your countdown, and if there is a link which you want to be attached to the event then now you can.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original video here.

Calendar Tab V4.0

We have another video tutorial turned into a blog post for you. In this blog tutorial, we will help you navigate the calendar tab for Version 4.0, this is for Ios only.

The calendar tab is pretty the much the same as Version 3.0, but we have updated a few things since then and wanted to share with you what they were.

So now you can clearly see what type of event you have in your calendar, so you know if it is a birthday or a Facebook event. We even colour coded them, so if you tap on Calendars you will see the different colour types for each type of event.

When you want to add an event then press the plus button it will change into a tick and then appear on your timeline. Go to the countdowns tab and you will see the event will be in the calendar style, if you want to change the style of the countdown or even add an image you can do so by tapping on the gear icon, then scroll to appearance and style. Change the format and then add an image.

Also cancelling the event from the timeline is easy, you now only need to go to the timeline view and swipe left to cancel the event. Once you add calendar events, you obviously can’t change the date on them, since it’s the date you set on your smartphone calendar.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original video here.

Facebook Events Version 4.0

We have another video tutorial turned into a blog post for you. In this blog tutorial, we will help you with adding Facebook events to the latest version of the app. This for Ios only.

It was a huge request that we fix the Facebook tab so we listened and now it works for Version 4.0. We have moved around the tab and put it on the calendar tab.

When you go on the tab you will see that there is a Facebook logo on the top bar. If the logo has a blue box around it, just like the logo then your Facebook events are all synced up. To reassure that it is working, you can tap on the icon and you see a pop-up telling you that it all works. If it is not, then follow the next few steps.

If the Facebook is just grey, then none of your Facebook events is loaded to the app. If you tap on the icon then it will give you instructions. Go to your devices settings, then scroll down to Facebook settings, enter your Facebook Credentials, grant calendars and contacts access. Then once you have done all of that, you can go back into the app and your icon will turn to the blue box with the white F.

You may have the blue icon but your events may not appear on the calendar tab, then tap on the calendars at the top. You will get a list of the types of events from the calendars that are accepted.

Thanks for reading this tutorial if you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. To watch the original video then click here

How to throw an awesome Easter Party

Easter is on its way and with only a month left you might be thinking of getting a few friends together to celebrate Easter time. It’s a lovely time of year since all the daffodils come out and it’s a perfect excuse to have a picnic in the Spring time weather.

The first thing to consider is a date that suits everyone, so if like many you are part of a big group chat with friends then settle on a date. Next the step we would recommend is to put that date in your Countdownplus app. You can also get everyone else involved and they can countdown with you by using an Event Code. If you need help with that check out this video tutorial. Now that’s all sorted time to think of what to do.

You might have a lot of friends who have children so an Easter egg hunt would be a blast. You can go to your local crafts store and get some Easter egg craft items. You could get the kids to decorate some eggs and then go away and hide some in the garden, or your local park. Kids then can have some baskets to go and collect them.

Setting up a picnic for the whole family could be fun. You can get everyone to bring some foods along and have everyone chip in. That makes for a great day out during spring time. Could also make some Easter treats too, Pinterest is the best place to find some amazing ideas.

So we hope that helps give you some inspiration for your next Easter party. Don’t forget to tag your Easter countdown by using #Countdownplus on all social channels.

Lite Version 4.0

We have another video tutorial turned into a blog post for you. In this blog tutorial, we will show you what to expect on the lite version of the app. This tutorial is for ios only. As mentioned in our previous blog post we will be showing you a side by side comparison of what is different between the full and lite version.

With the lite version obviously, you have ads running on all the pages of the app.


You can’t actually backup your countdowns on the lite version, any events that you do make won’t be logged to our servers. So it is recommended to get the full version so that when you do switch phones, you can load all your countdowns, whether you sign in via email or Facebook.


You won’t be able to check out the holidays from other countries in the Holidays tab. You can only see national holidays in the country you are in.


Just like in Version 3.0 you won’t be able to countdown in years, months or weeks, only in days, months, minutes and seconds.


Thanks for reading this tutorial if you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. To watch the original video then click here

Top 4 Cheap Ideas for your dorm room

So many of you will be back to University/College for 2017, and some of you may be looking for cheap ways to liven up your dorm room/university room. So we complied 4 of our favourite ideas we found on the web.

Storage Boxes

If you weren’t the best at having a tidy room before, then maybe invest in some storage boxes. Plastic coloured ones are usually the best to hide under the bed or to add to your room. They are also a great way to tidy up anything you may have from festive period.


Fairy Lights

Nearly every pin we saw on Pinterest had a picture with a set of fairy lights. You can buy them from nearly anywhere, and the plus side they can be cheap. If you have a headboard for your bed, then you can wind it around the frame of the headboard. Or alternatively, if you have a book case on the wall hang it from there. You could buy some sticky clips to use so the lights stay up.


Wall Tapestry

This seems very popular on Pinterest to, so if you want an Instagram room then this may add some colour to your room. Since hanging wall art on the wall can get you into trouble. Why not grab some cheap wall art, have a look around a few sites to find something you like, which will add colour to your plain dorm room/university room.


Add some more colour to your room with a gorgeous rug. You don’t have to buy the most expensive rug on the market. There are some great options in homeware stores and you can add some colour and your own style to your room.


We hope these 4 ideas gave you some idea on what to do for your dorm room.

Top 5 ways to stay organised in 2017

Happy New Year to you all, we hope you had a fabulous Christmas and a lovely New Years. January is usually a time to reflect and think about the year ahead of us. Many of you may have set yourself some new year’s resolutions which we hope will last. Maybe one of them was to be more organised. This post will be perfect for you, so we have compiled a list of our top 5 ways to be more organised for 2017.

  1. Countdownplus

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you might know we do love our products. Maybe over the Christmas period, you have so much planned already for 2017, then why not use our app to help you with that. Load everything from your holidays to birthdays and even those Monday morning meetings at work. If you ever get stuck with the app want to know more about it, then check out our YouTube channel which has plenty of tutorials.

  1. Goals List

img_9053-copyYou may be already wanting to do so much more this year. So why not write down your monthly goals for this year. Each month write down personal or professional things you would like to achieve. It could help to boost your confidence and make you strive for better things. If something does not get completed in the month you wanted then move it along to the next month. Also, book yourself some rewards like a spa day or a fancy meal with your friends to celebrate those little victories.


  1. Cleaning up

Yes, we realise this maybe a slightly boring one, but consider having more of a schedule for your cleaning up. So say you live alone, and you know you don’t cause as much mess, as maybe say a family of four would. Then you don’t have to tidy as often. Set aside realistic time either during the week or on the weekend, when you just get on with the washing or cleaning up. If you know you won’t stick to it so much, then add this as an event on the app. You will get notified before or on the day of the event.

  1. Clear out

cabinet-1853504_1920There is nothing better than having a clear out at the start of the year. You could aim to get rid of a bunch of clothes you no longer wear and give it to charity. You could clean the kitchen and get rid of any old food and throw it in the bin ready for bin collection day. Go through anything on your coffee table, work desk, dining room table or kitchen countertops. You don’t have to do this as much during the year so maybe aim to do it summer time and then Christmas time again. That way you get rid of any clutter that is lying around.

  1. To Do List

dsc_0103Nothing satisfies as more than anything like completing a days work that you set aside for yourself. Whether you work for yourself or work a big company having a to-do list eliminates the problem of forgetting to do things. A system that works well for us here at Countdownplus is the post-it note system. Find a small space it could be on your work desk or on your work cubicle wall. Write down on each post it what you need to do and then move the post it once you have completed it to the done pile. Take a look at the photo above for guidance on how to do it.


We hope this gave you some ideas on what to do this year in terms of organisation. Don’t forget to download the app if you haven’t already we are available on both Android and the App Store.