Android Profile Header

For this blog tutorial, we want to show you some of features of the profile header. This is for Android only.

Since Version 4.0 on Android we introduced a profile header which contains your profile image and countdown to your next birthday and age.

If you want to cancel this option then tap on the gear icon, under Display you will see the Birthday Countdown Header. This can also be found in the more section under settings.

If you want to change the profile image then head to More – Me, then tap on the pencil icon. You will then see three options, edit profile picture, edit cover image and refresh images.

Much like when you add an image to a countdown you can choose from our image packs or add your own image. You can also visit the Me section by tapping on the profile icon on the countdown timeline.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original video here.


May Update

Over the last month, we have been working hard on getting new releases out both for Android and iOS. Please read on to find out what to expect very soon.

First up on the agenda is iOS one main issue we have seen from a lot of users is the multiple push notification the day of an event. (pictured below) We have fixed this issue for the next release due very soon. Many users over time have expressed their feelings about the image cropping screen. This has been revamped to fit with the similar style of how images are cropped within the camera roll. If you are an iPad user then you will be delighted to know that we have re-enabled image cropping on iPad. One last feature to point out is that on the lite version on iOS you can now choose dates further than 1000 days ahead and behind can now be added. Check out your updates tab on the App Store.

Android will be updated after iOS comes out. We have a few plans to update the app. There are like with most updates a few bugs that do need fixing. One bug which is to do with some lagging that has been occurring in the app. Some bug to do with the fact that images just don’t seem to be sticking. For us, those are the two main focuses for the next update.

If you are experiencing any issues or come across anything wrong in the app please message us on Facebook. Check back in this time next month for another update. Here is last months one.

Android Version 4.0

In this blog tutorial we will show you what you can expect on the full version of the app. This tutorial is for Android only.

So recently we updated the app to Version 4.03 and we have made some changes to what you can get in the full version.

In order to see what features we do offer, for faster reference then head to the menu button (three lines) upgrades and then at top it has all the details.

First up just like Version 3.0 we don’t have any ads on it, that’s on all screens of the app.

Backup your countdowns and sync to any device, whether that be from iPhone to Android, Android to Android, Android to iPhone. This means that when you log in via email or FB all your countdowns are safe and backed up to our cloud system. Safe if you change phones or change to different platforms.

World Traveller mode which lets you view holidays from around the world. Add a national holiday from any country and add to your timeline.

Countdown in years, months and weeks. Just like before in Version 3.0 you can countdown to more increments of time on all your countdowns. Very handy if your countdown is a year away.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original video here.

April Update

We are aiming to update on the progress of the app now once a month, we feel it’s better if we update more frequently. If you want to find out what we are working on this month and beyond, please keep reading.

March was a busy month for us trying to solve the App Icon Countdown feature. As of now we do have a replacement feature which is a silent notification which is sent at midnight every night. This shows you how many days till an event and is called the Daily Count Notifications. You can see how the notification works in the image below.

A lot of users want a Today Widget and we understand that this is a big request and has been for several years now. We do want to create a Today Widget but it’s not something we can create in a short space of time. This feature is on our list of things to do for the app.

We understand a lot of you are very upset that the feature has gone but we have seen a surge in poor reviews within the App Store. As noted before in a statement released online we didn’t have any control over this feature being taken away. We would really appreciate it if you directed your anger about this to Apple via email or Twitter. Unfortunately leaving 1-star reviews does not help us at all, as it lowers our ranking within the App Store.

Android was held back since we had to deal with the removal of the App Icon Countdown feature for iPhone. We have recently sent out a new update for Android, we are expecting to release another update very soon. This will likely help to fix any minor issues.

In terms of general issues, we currently are aware that our servers went down last week. We did manage to get things back up and running for everyone. If you are experiencing any issues or come across anything wrong in the app please message us on Facebook.

User Inspired Twitter Events 2018

It’s been a while since we chose some countdowns from Twitter. A lot of you have been posting a few notifications and timelines of your events. We really do enjoy seeing your countdowns and talking about them. Read on to find out more.

If you are not familiar with our user inspired posts then here is a little catch up on what happens in these posts. We pick 2 amazing countdowns from Twitter or Instagram and give you a little more info on the countdown itself. If it is a countdown to say Ed Sheeran, we give you some news on him and if there are still some tickets left or if it’s a holiday some great tips on where to go and what to see and when to go.

Right so first up is, @stephlouise24 who saw Ed Sheeran this year on March 10th. If you don’t know about who is then here is a brief description of who he is. He is a male singer/songwriter from Framlingham, Suffolk. He has had huge success ever since he released his first album called “The A-Team” which comes from his first album + which went on to be certified seven-times platinum in the UK. Evey album since it’s released has won countless awards such as the Ivor Novello Award. You might best know him for his latest songs “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” which are part of the ÷. So if you aren’t aware Ed Sheeran has been coming back strong since last year with the release of his Divide album, he also released tickets last year for his 2018 tour. Ever since his year-long hiatus he has been releasing new music and was busy touring for most of 2017 and doing the rounds of the festival circuit too. As of the past couple of years, his tours tend to sell out fast. Unfortunately, you cannot get any tickets for his 2018 tour anymore. Apart from that, from what we have heard in the past he is someone who is amazing to see live, so if you were one of the lucky ones who got themselves tickets then you should be in for a real treat.

Next up is @fluffysoftlouis who is off to see Harry Styles in one month’s time. If you weren’t aware Harry Styles along with a lot of old One Direction boys has been pursuing a solo career and releasing music throughout 2017-2018. Shortly after he released new music he decided to go on tour. This is his first ever solo tour so will be interesting to see how he performs alone on stage without the One Direction boys. So far, we hear good things about this tour and along with new material, he has been performing some classic One Direction songs too. Sign of the Times was his first solo track and managed to rack up 88 Million views on the music video on YouTube. It managed to get to No.1 here in the UK. His album Harry Styles managed to reach No.1 in the UK and the US which is amazing. He truly is having global success. Unfortunately, he has sold out for most of his tour, we did some digging around ourselves and you can get tickets but it’s very rare and the seats won’t be as good so maybe expect to travel further for tickets.

We hope you enjoyed both of our user inspired posts this week. If you want to be featured on any of our User Inspired Posts then tag your countdowns with #countdown and #countdownplus

March Update 2018

Since writing the last update post we have been making great progress with frequent updates to the stores. Keep reading to find out more about what we have planned next.

Just a few days ago we released a brand-new update for iOS. List of features updated is shown below.

We have since that update been made aware of some issues with crashes. We found the root of this issue, so you should be able to see an update available in the store. If you do experience issues, please message us on Facebook and we will try our best to fix the issue. If you have any requests for the app as well then do message us on Facebook as well. We are also in the process of adding a new feature to the iOS app very soon which will help let more people join in with your events. It is currently being put on hold until the app is making better progress.

As a result of a recent disapproval from Apple, Countdown+ will no longer have the App Icon Countdown feature. Here’s the correspondence we received from Apple:

“Your app uses badge notifications for unintended purposes. Badge notifications should only show the number of unread notifications an app has.”

It’s quite unfortunate since we’ve had this feature since version 1.0 which was released several years ago. We will continue to find innovative ways to ensure you don’t forget your events ever. Stay tuned for more features!

In regard to Android, we are trying to get a few more updates ready for iOS and want to be updating the app as much as possible. We hope to have an Android update out in the next few months. The app needs to catch up with iOS so we will try to add those features in a few separate updates.

If you want to stay up to date about updates to the app then follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

February Update 2018 📱

Since our last update post on our blog, we have made some changes to the app on Android. Keeping reading to find out what we have updated.

First of all, let’s talk about Android, we released a brand-new update last week. It addresses a number of issues and we implemented some features that already exist on iPhone too.


  • Added ability to add locations to events
  • Auto configure countdown colors on selecting an image
  • Addressed event image not sticking bug
  • Addressed image backup issues
  • Fixed alerts on Android Oreo devices
  • Fixed crash in holiday view
  • Ensure image bundle videos work
  • Implemented diagnostics to help debug app issues
  • Other stability improvements

We will be releasing a new update very soon which will ensure some features will be fixed. This includes adding images to countdowns straight from the countdown timeline, being able to add events with event codes. We are hoping to catch up on features which already exist on iPhone very soon.

Over the last couple of months, we have been working hard on getting Android fixed. This has set us back with an iPhone update. We hope to make sure that we release updates every month either for Android or iPhone. We are hoping to get something sorted very soon.

If you are having any issues or experiencing any problems, message us on Facebook. We hope to update to you all very soon on any new changes made to the app.

Countdown Info

This blog tutorial will show you all the information you can add to a new countdown and existing ones. This is for Ios only. Some features will be available on the full version only.

When adding a new custom event, you can fill in quite a lot of information. We wanted to show a step by step guide to what you can add. First up name your event, you can backspace the pre-existing text and fill in your own event title. Privacy, you can either choose to make the event public so everyone can see the event, or keep it private so only you can see the event.

Change the date of the event, and even the time of the event, if you would like to add an end date you can do so by taping the plus button and tap on the x button if you want to remove it. You can choose a time zone as well, so useful if you have an event in a different country. If you need to repeat the event you can, it can be never, every day, every week, every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, every month and every year.

You can choose the type of counting down to the event, this feature is only available in the full version of the app. Change the reminder, we recommend using auto since you get better notifications about the event.

Themes and Styling mean you can add images and all sorts to your countdown, check out the video on themes and styling. Also, you can choose a default sound for your event as well when it happens.

Details section is helpful if you want to add additional info to the event you have. Add a location to your event if you want to. If you have a link to the event you can add that. Add any notes you want to on the event. Then press done when you are all finished.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original video here.

January Update 2018 📱

It’s a brand-new year and we felt like we should update you all on what is going on with the C+ app. Read on to find out more.

Android has been our major focus for the past couple of months, it has brought some roadblocks along the way. We have been trying to find solutions to some issues that have set us back in releasing an Android update. It is our goal to make sure that Android is up to speed with the iPhone app. Since many have mentioned that a few features have not been implemented yet to the Android app. We do apologise for the delay in any updates, as you may know, we are a small team and are trying our best to get an update out to you all.

An iPhone update is long overdue and we need to focus our attention on Android for now. It will be updated right after we get an Android update out. There are some minor issues with the app but nothing severe. So, we will keep you updated again very soon on what updates are coming out later on.

If you want to stay informed on updates and progress of the app then the best place to follow us is on Facebook. If you do have questions about the app then message us on Facebook where we are happy to help you with any query regarding the app. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see what events we are counting down to.