Top 5 things to do at Universal Studios

Following along from our last Top 5 blog post about Disneyland we wanted to do a similar post but for Universal Studios Orlando. So here are our Top 5 things to do whilst at Universal Studios Orlando. All this info was sourced from Pinterest.

  1. Don’t Travel to Universal during summer holidays

One of the busiest months is during the summer holidays mid-June- late August. Those are the months to best avoid a trip there. It is also the three hottest months to visit the park as well. Aim to travel when summer holidays or the easter weekend. It will be a better experience if you don’t go at the busiest times since you won’t be queuing for hours.

  1. Buy a Park to Park Ticket

It highly recommends online that you get a park to park ticket since it makes it easier. You can get a train ticket to board the Hogwarts Express, which actually works as a park to park transport. You can go to the ticket booths at either station in the parks. Best thing to do is to book these tickets in advance to save on time and money.

  1. Stay on the On-site hotels at Universal Studios

It is a must and also a benefit if you stay at any of the on-site hotels. It’s not just a convenient place to stay but, you will get the chance to go to each park with a Universal Express Unlimited pass for both park free of charge. You can receive early admission to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You can enter the parks as well one hour earlier than general admission, perfect since a lot of the attractions are very busy in the morning. Also, this free pass is for your whole stay not just a one-off pass, so it is something to take full advantage of.

  1. Enjoy a Butter Beer

One of the most popular drinks at Universal Studios Orlando is the butter beer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It is a huge must drink everywhere we look online. It is said to taste a little bit like a cream soda, perfect picture opportunity as well, to share with all your friends online. There is also a frozen version of the drink.

  1. Eat a Pink Doughnut

We keep seeing this everywhere online but get a taste of the amazing pink doughnut which you can find at Lard Lad Donuts. It is located in the Simpsons area of the theme park. The pink doughnut is basically the size of your face and it is really fun for a picture opportunity as well. Well worth it if you want to share it too since it’s huge.

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User Inspired Events

This post is another one of our users inspired posts that we really enjoy writing because all of our users have such amazing countdowns. For this one, it’s a mixed user inspired event post.

First up is @chrissiebarlow with their countdown to Disneyland next year in September 2018. As we always tell our followers, it never is too early for any countdowns. We love to talk about Disneyland on our blog here, our last post was just about Disneyland. Disneyland by 2018 will feature a lot of new rides to enjoy such as the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride formerly the Tower of Terror and a new Star Wars attraction. Going to Disneyland just before Halloween will be exciting, there will be many shows to watch and the park will be transformed for your enjoyment. Halloween gets well under way from September so there is a lot to look forward to such at Mickey’s Halloween Party at the park. So overall a fabulous time to head to Disneyland and we hope you have a lovely time, we can’t wait to countdown along with you for the rest of the year.

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Next, is @lottieq96 with their countdown to Tenerife in a few months’ time. We have seen a few Tenerife countdowns on Instagram but we loved the look of this one. Tenerife is a lovely sunny place for a holiday, whether it’s with a group or you’re going as a couple. There is so much to do whilst in Tenerife, if you just want to enjoy the pool then the best place to go to is Siam Park which is a huge favourite with many tourists. The park is massive so expect to spend most of your day there and maybe don’t plan to do anything but spend your day there. Loro Parque Zoo is a firm favourite too from our research online, you can get a ticket for both Siam Park and the Zoo which helps to queue jump at the water park. There is so much to see at the Zoo lots of shows so chances to see some animals in action. You are guaranteed to see animals in the sunshine since it’s sunny all year around in Tenerife.

Can't bloody wait 😬☀️ #what #I #have #been #waiting #for #holiday #sun #tenerife #countdown

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Top 5 things to do at Disneyland

We love to talk about Disneyland a lot on our blog, our Disneyland posts always perform well with our audience. So we wanted to do a Top 5 things to do at Disneyland. All this info was sourced from Pinterest.

  1. Eat a Dole Whip

Something which we have seen time and time again on Pinterest in regard to food at Disneyland, they all tell you to have a Dole Whip. It is a Disneyland favourite and a staple food, you cannot go wrong with it. Also it makes for a lovely picture for all social media channels or just Instagram.

  1. Take a picture in front of the castle

Whether you go as a couple or with a group of friends, taking a picture in front of the castle is always a must do. Either get some Minnie ears and take some artsy photos for Instagram. It is a really a perfect photo opportunity at any parks across the globe.

  1. Take photos with classic Disney characters

A great way to remember your trip is by taking lots of pictures with some Disney characters. They can be spotted all through the park, and you can queue to see a few of them all in one go. So choose who you want to take pictures with and manage to squeeze it in during your trip.

  1. Watch a fireworks show.

So usually towards the end of the day, you can expect to see a fireworks show. Depending on the time of year it could be season themed. It is always worth a watch after a long day of adventure at the park.

1.Walk through the Sleeping Beauty Castle

So not only is it recommended to take a picture in front of the castle but you can actually go inside the castle. It is an attraction basically for the whole family. It’s a really exciting experience, with lights and drama and a thrilling story to follow along.

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Facebook Events Version 4.0

We have another video tutorial turned into a blog post for you. In this blog tutorial, we will help you with adding Facebook events to the latest version of the app. This for Ios only.

It was a huge request that we fix the Facebook tab so we listened and now it works for Version 4.0. We have moved around the tab and put it on the calendar tab.

When you go on the tab you will see that there is a Facebook logo on the top bar. If the logo has a blue box around it, just like the logo then your Facebook events are all synced up. To reassure that it is working, you can tap on the icon and you see a pop-up telling you that it all works. If it is not, then follow the next few steps.

If the Facebook is just grey, then none of your Facebook events is loaded to the app. If you tap on the icon then it will give you instructions. Go to your devices settings, then scroll down to Facebook settings, enter your Facebook Credentials, grant calendars and contacts access. Then once you have done all of that, you can go back into the app and your icon will turn to the blue box with the white F.

You may have the blue icon but your events may not appear on the calendar tab, then tap on the calendars at the top. You will get a list of the types of events from the calendars that are accepted.

Thanks for reading this tutorial if you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. To watch the original video then click here

How to throw an awesome Easter Party

Easter is on its way and with only a month left you might be thinking of getting a few friends together to celebrate Easter time. It’s a lovely time of year since all the daffodils come out and it’s a perfect excuse to have a picnic in the Spring time weather.

The first thing to consider is a date that suits everyone, so if like many you are part of a big group chat with friends then settle on a date. Next the step we would recommend is to put that date in your Countdownplus app. You can also get everyone else involved and they can countdown with you by using an Event Code. If you need help with that check out this video tutorial. Now that’s all sorted time to think of what to do.

You might have a lot of friends who have children so an Easter egg hunt would be a blast. You can go to your local crafts store and get some Easter egg craft items. You could get the kids to decorate some eggs and then go away and hide some in the garden, or your local park. Kids then can have some baskets to go and collect them.

Setting up a picnic for the whole family could be fun. You can get everyone to bring some foods along and have everyone chip in. That makes for a great day out during spring time. Could also make some Easter treats too, Pinterest is the best place to find some amazing ideas.

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User Inspired Music Events

We love writing our user inspired posts because we see a huge amount of events you countdown to via Instagram and we love them all. For this user inspired post we wanted to talk about two music events from two users.

First up is from user @clairecypher who is going to see Little Mix perform live in June at the Kingsholm Rugby Club. If you have never heard of Little Mix or have been living under a rock for several years, then here is a brief description of who they are. They are a girl band from the UK who were put together on The X Factor by Simon Cowell on the eighth series of the show. Little Mix is made up of four girls, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock. They have seen huge success since winning The X Factor, achieving four UK number ones. You might remember their winning song which was a cover of Cannonball, and more recently you might have heard their latest single Shout Out To My Ex. They are touring all throughout the year so you have plenty of chances to catch them live if you want to.

Then lastly the next event is from user @ellengriff who is going to see Ed Sheeran perform live in April at the Manchester Arena. We are very jealous of anyone who managed to get tickets to see him perform live this year, since his tickets sold out fast. If you don’t know about who is then here is a brief description about who he is. He is a male singer/song writer from Framlingham, Suffolk. He has had huge success every since he released his first album called “The A Team” which comes from his first album + which went on to be certified seven-times platinum in the UK. Evey album since it’s released has won countless awards such as the Ivor Novello Award. You might best know him for his latest songs “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” which are part of the ÷. He famously went away throughout 2016 and wrote the songs for his album and we have heard most of his latest album and see why the break made all the difference. Unfortunately you can’t see him live anytime soon this year since it sold out so far to see him live.

Soooo exciting 🙊☀️🎸🎤 #countdown #holidayneeded #edsheeran #thekooks

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Top 3 Easter Getaways

Easter is getting closer and some of you may want to use that time to go away for a short time. Short Easter breaks are hugely popular. We wanted to compile a short list of places you could visit for cheap and last minute. So here are our Top 3 Easter getaways.

1. Paris, France

It is one of the easiest places to get to if you are travelling from London. You can travel either via train or plane, train is the fastest and gets you right in the centre of Paris. From as little as £30 you can travel to Paris via the Eurostar. So there are plenty of things to do and see whilst in Paris, you can see famous sites like Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and see the Mona Lisa painting at Louvre. So much food to eat to, why not head to a few patisseries and get some croissants and macarons. Of if you fancy heading Disneyland you can do so by still taking the Eurostar, there is a stop along the way where you can get off and visit the magical castle. Paris is great any time of year, but very pretty during the spring months when the cherry blossom is in full swing

2.Amsterdam, Netherlands

A fairly easy to get to country via London, no trains to Amsterdam but you get there from £100 if you fly there. Many thrilling places to visit whilst in Amsterdam, Anne Frank house, Van Gogh museum and why not take a photo at the IAMSTERDAM sign. Plenty to explore on foot, but it is recommended to rent a bicycle to see the town in its full glory. Enjoy some stroopwaffles, eat a dutch apple pie. It’s a delightful place to visit in the Easter months, providing the weather holds up. You can go for many walks and discover lots of things on your travels.

 3. Rome, Italy

Travel to Rome from London, and costs around £100 over to go there. Most popular sites to visit are the Colosseum in Rome, Trevi Fountain, Vatican City and many others. So much pizza to eat during the trip since your in Rome, why not eat the best food ever. It’s a great place to visit and you can walk around the towns on foot, and take the tram to a lot of places or the bus. Check for opening times with a lot of places and it is a great time to visit the place in Easter, it can get quite hot so feels like an early summer holiday.

We hope you enjoyed this post for some Easter trips, don’t forget to tag your holidays with #countdownplus on all social channels.

Universal Studios in 2017

So a couple of weeks ago we wrote a blog post about what to expect at Disneyland in 2017, so we wanted to do a similar post but for Universal Studios. So listed below are a few things to expect some point this year at the park.

Universal’s Volcano Bay

Which gets its grand opening on the 25th May. It’s a brand-new water theme park that comes to Universal Studios. With a great mixture of fun and relaxation, it should be a hit with all ages and families. Lots of thrilling water-based rides to and with the unique idea of using your Tapu Tapu wear that means no more waiting in line to get the most thrill seeking rides. There are water slide rides which you can ride in with more than one person, great if you head to the park with friends. There is a huge list of rides available must the most striking ones are from the volcano itself. You have the Karakatau Aqua Coaster which lets you experience the power of the volcano, as mentioned you ride with four people. If you feel like plunging into the water then you might like the Ko’okiri Body Plunge, it’s a tradition that honours the volcano god. If you like the sound of it then you will have to experience a 70-degree fall through a drop door and don’t forget the 125 feet of your potential fall. So there is something for everyone at this new water park.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster

This was an already existing ride to the park but it got a brand-new unveiling recently. So they added a few new extra surprises to the ride. As soon as you enter the ride you get told about being subjected to high levels of gamma radiation and be taken through a process called a Hulk-a-fication. Queuing for the ride is totally different which ties in with the story that you hear about before you enter the ride. The ride chairs are totally different to and for a more immersive experience they have new music that you hear whilst on the ride.

And that’s about it with the whole park, not a lot of new rides to experience at the park it seems but stay tuned on their website for more info. If you are counting down to a trip to Universal Orlando don’t forget to use the #countdownplus on social me

Lite Version 4.0

We have another video tutorial turned into a blog post for you. In this blog tutorial, we will show you what to expect on the lite version of the app. This tutorial is for ios only. As mentioned in our previous blog post we will be showing you a side by side comparison of what is different between the full and lite version.

With the lite version obviously, you have ads running on all the pages of the app.


You can’t actually backup your countdowns on the lite version, any events that you do make won’t be logged to our servers. So it is recommended to get the full version so that when you do switch phones, you can load all your countdowns, whether you sign in via email or Facebook.


You won’t be able to check out the holidays from other countries in the Holidays tab. You can only see national holidays in the country you are in.


Just like in Version 3.0 you won’t be able to countdown in years, months or weeks, only in days, months, minutes and seconds.


Thanks for reading this tutorial if you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. To watch the original video then click here