Countdown Types Android

This blog tutorial will help you understand the new countdown types on Android Version 4.0

With Version 4.0 we have a whole new bunch of countdown types, since we know a lot of you countdown to different types of events.

Birthdays & Exact Age, Keep track of birthdays and get reminded every year. Also see the exact age from the date of birth. When tapping on Birthdays and Exact Age, you will see two options. Exact age will count up from a date of birth or birthday to countdown to next birthday.


Shows and Concerts, don’t forget to get tickets to your favourite concert or show. With this event type you can add an end date that will show the event as in progress for the duration between the start and end dates.

Trips and Vacation, planning a trip with loved ones. Do it together! This is also an event type that you can add an end date to.

Sporting Events, countdown to the Olympics, world cup or when your favourite team is playing next!  This is also an event type that you can add an end date to.

Wedding and Anniversaries, countdown to the big day, and get reminded of your anniversary every year afterwards. If you want an event type that will show as on going event then this is the right one for you.

Goals and Achievements, planning on running the marathon, or kicking a bad habit? Keep track of your goals, and see how long ago you reached them once they are accomplished.

Movies and TV shows, don’t want to miss premier of your favourite movies and TV shows. Countdown with family and friends! This is also an event type that you can add an end date to.

Baby Arrival, track to your baby due date. Include countdown to baby showers and other baby announcements. This is also an event type that you can add an end date to.

School, keep track of how much longer you have to graduation, or even end of the current term. This is also an event type that you can add an end date to.

Custom Event, can fully customize your countdown event. Countdown to an event in the past or count up to an event in the future.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original video here.


User Inspired May Edition

We have decided to create the User Inspired posts once a month on our blog. If you do want to get featured on this blog or on our social media channels then tag us in your countdowns. Read on two find out what events we are talking about today.

First up is @_spikeyboy is going to a lot of events this year but we wanted to highlight the Emma Blackery gig in October. Emma Blackery started her main YouTube channel “Emma Blackery” back in May 2012 with the main purpose to post vlogs, comedy sketches and other content. Her main passion has always been music, and over the years has released a few EP’s such as Distance and Human Behaviour. Lately, she has changed up her music style and been delivering a lot more a fresh pop sound. She has previously toured with Busted on their Pigs Can Fly Tour back in 2016 as a special guest. Now she is back with a brand new music and has recently released Dirt and Agenda. She is set to be working on a brand new album as well. To coincide with the release of her new music she is heading back out on tour but on a solo tour in October. Tickets are still available so go grab them whilst you still can.

Second is @pianohowells who has gone to see Dan and Phil live on tour a few days ago on their Interactive Introverts tour. Dan Howell and Phil Lester are two friends who met through YouTube and forged a very successful career out of making YouTube videos. Both have separate channels and have a joint gaming channel, and they have over 10 million subscribers with both their personal channels put together. They have done a live stage show back in 2016 called The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire and was also turned into a YouTube Red series. It was a wonderful mix of what happened at their shows and the BTS look at their life on the road. The stage show was a brilliant mix of the regular things that happened in their videos but on a larger scale in front of thousands of people on stage. Nothing has really been revealed yet about what the shows have been like, much like on their last tour we reckon they have asked the audience to not spoil it for others. It might just be bigger and better than the last live stage show from 2016. This tour will take them all across the world, so wherever you are reading this, they could be on a stage just near you. Tickets can be found on sale here.

So that is it for May, check back in next month to see what user events we are enjoying. If you want to take part in our user inspired posts all you must do is either tag us in your countdowns, or use #countdown or #countdownplus on your posts.

Disneyland Spring Updates

Since the last Disneyland updates post we have found out a new more interesting news about the parks. If you are just here for the photos, then we have linked a lot of great images from Disney Instagram. Read on to find out more.

Toy Story Land has officially arrived in Disney World and Disneyland Singapore. There have been a large number of teaser video and lots more photos of what to expect in the Toy Story Land areas. It looks to be thrilling area to check out on your next visit to the parks.

Check out the video below for a look at what the Slinky Dog Dash ride will be like.

You can also see what might be on offer at the Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats, the ice cream looks amazing. A lovely Instagram worthy snack to enjoy on a hot day at the parks.

On other news of what has been going on at the parks following D23 Expo announcement from last year was the arrival of the Guardians of the Galaxy themed attraction coming to Epcot. It is said that the concrete for the space has been delivered and things are beginning to take shape.

Not much else to update on the parks but do check back in later this year for any more updates on what is being created at the parks. Tag all your Disneyland countdowns with #countdownplus and #countdown.

May Update

Over the last month, we have been working hard on getting new releases out both for Android and iOS. Please read on to find out what to expect very soon.

First up on the agenda is iOS one main issue we have seen from a lot of users is the multiple push notification the day of an event. (pictured below) We have fixed this issue for the next release due very soon. Many users over time have expressed their feelings about the image cropping screen. This has been revamped to fit with the similar style of how images are cropped within the camera roll. If you are an iPad user then you will be delighted to know that we have re-enabled image cropping on iPad. One last feature to point out is that on the lite version on iOS you can now choose dates further than 1000 days ahead and behind can now be added. Check out your updates tab on the App Store.

Android will be updated after iOS comes out. We have a few plans to update the app. There are like with most updates a few bugs that do need fixing. One bug which is to do with some lagging that has been occurring in the app. Some bug to do with the fact that images just don’t seem to be sticking. For us, those are the two main focuses for the next update.

If you are experiencing any issues or come across anything wrong in the app please message us on Facebook. Check back in this time next month for another update. Here is last months one.