February Update 2018 📱

Since our last update post on our blog, we have made some changes to the app on Android. Keeping reading to find out what we have updated.

First of all, let’s talk about Android, we released a brand-new update last week. It addresses a number of issues and we implemented some features that already exist on iPhone too.


  • Added ability to add locations to events
  • Auto configure countdown colors on selecting an image
  • Addressed event image not sticking bug
  • Addressed image backup issues
  • Fixed alerts on Android Oreo devices
  • Fixed crash in holiday view
  • Ensure image bundle videos work
  • Implemented diagnostics to help debug app issues
  • Other stability improvements

We will be releasing a new update very soon which will ensure some features will be fixed. This includes adding images to countdowns straight from the countdown timeline, being able to add events with event codes. We are hoping to catch up on features which already exist on iPhone very soon.

Over the last couple of months, we have been working hard on getting Android fixed. This has set us back with an iPhone update. We hope to make sure that we release updates every month either for Android or iPhone. We are hoping to get something sorted very soon.

If you are having any issues or experiencing any problems, message us on Facebook. We hope to update to you all very soon on any new changes made to the app.


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