Countdown Info

This blog tutorial will show you all the information you can add to a new countdown and existing ones. This is for Ios only. Some features will be available on the full version only.

When adding a new custom event, you can fill in quite a lot of information. We wanted to show a step by step guide to what you can add. First up name your event, you can backspace the pre-existing text and fill in your own event title. Privacy, you can either choose to make the event public so everyone can see the event, or keep it private so only you can see the event.

Change the date of the event, and even the time of the event, if you would like to add an end date you can do so by taping the plus button and tap on the x button if you want to remove it. You can choose a time zone as well, so useful if you have an event in a different country. If you need to repeat the event you can, it can be never, every day, every week, every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, every month and every year.

You can choose the type of counting down to the event, this feature is only available in the full version of the app. Change the reminder, we recommend using auto since you get better notifications about the event.

Themes and Styling mean you can add images and all sorts to your countdown, check out the video on themes and styling. Also, you can choose a default sound for your event as well when it happens.

Details section is helpful if you want to add additional info to the event you have. Add a location to your event if you want to. If you have a link to the event you can add that. Add any notes you want to on the event. Then press done when you are all finished.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original video here.


January Update 2018 📱

It’s a brand-new year and we felt like we should update you all on what is going on with the C+ app. Read on to find out more.

Android has been our major focus for the past couple of months, it has brought some roadblocks along the way. We have been trying to find solutions to some issues that have set us back in releasing an Android update. It is our goal to make sure that Android is up to speed with the iPhone app. Since many have mentioned that a few features have not been implemented yet to the Android app. We do apologise for the delay in any updates, as you may know, we are a small team and are trying our best to get an update out to you all.

An iPhone update is long overdue and we need to focus our attention on Android for now. It will be updated right after we get an Android update out. There are some minor issues with the app but nothing severe. So, we will keep you updated again very soon on what updates are coming out later on.

If you want to stay informed on updates and progress of the app then the best place to follow us is on Facebook. If you do have questions about the app then message us on Facebook where we are happy to help you with any query regarding the app. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see what events we are counting down to.

Disneyland Paris Season of the Force

Disneyland Paris is a magical place to visit but more so during The Season of the Force. So we wanted to cover some basic information we found online about The Season of the Force. Read on to find out more.

Season of the Force at Disneyland Paris starts from 13th January to 25th March 2018. You can expect new shows in the Walt Disney Studios Park of Disneyland Paris. Also a brand new late night illumination show. You might be aware too that Discoveryland in Disneyland Paris has transformed into a small Star Wars themed area. You can meet new characters and ride on Space Mountain.

With so much to offer you are probably wondering what to do during the Season of the Force. We recommend seeing a few daytime shows first, why not head to see a show in the Production Courtyard in Walt Disney Studios Park. Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away. If you love the movies then you will love this show, you can enjoy seeing Star Wars Characters come to life and see some amazing stunts and visual effects. First Order March seeing Captain Phasma lead the team of Stormtroopers to perform a march under the command of the Captain.

If a show isn’t for you then maybe you might want to catch a ride over in Disneyland Paris Discoveryland. Star Tours Strikes Back is an exceptional ride filled with an immersive ride experience. You will ride on the Starspeeder 1000 to take off on a 3D ride visiting Jakku and Hoth and also the Death Star. It’s not a ride for the faint-hearted and might not be ideal if you suffer from motion sickness. You can also meet Darth Vader himself and take some photos with him. Located just outside of the Star Wars shop in Discoveryland. Space Mountain was originally unrelated to Star Wars before, but they revamped the ride to fit in with the movie franchise. You will be launched into Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain for a thrilling ride where you will be a part of the Rebel Alliance. You will need to do battle with a menacing Star Destroyer. If the queues for the rides are too long then why not head on over to the shop with everything Star Wars themed. Find mugs, pins and t-shirts, but don’t get too carried away.

So if that was enough to convince you then you might want to read on to find out how much it will cost. You should as we have mentioned in the past about staying in a Disney hotel, the cheapest hotel in all of the other hotels is Hotel Santa Fe. If you want to travel during this period expect to pay around £500 – £700 for the whole package. Hotel, tickets to parks, and extras like travel. We hope you enjoyed this post, let us know if this helped you make up your mind on whether to travel to the park this year.

User Inspired from Twitter and Instagram 🎤😊

Happy New Year to you all, hope you had a lovely time over the festive period. We are back with a brand-new post on our blog. We wanted to kick off 2018 by showing you two amazing events from our users. You have been busy making plans already for 2018.

If you are not familiar with our user inspired posts then here is a little catch up on what happens in these posts. We pick 2 amazing countdowns from Twitter or Instagram and give you a little more info on the countdown itself. If it is a countdown to say Ed Sheeran, we give you some news on him and if there are still some tickets left or if it’s a holiday some great tips on where to go and what to see and when to go.

First up is Twitter user @yourbitterluv who is off to Summer in the City in August 2018. Here timeline was filled with some amazing events and we haven’t spoken too much about Summer in the City before on our blog. Summer in the City is an annual YouTube convention that gives viewers the chance to meet their favourite YouTuber and meet up with online friends. You can explore the expo hall to find lots of stands from brands and also stands to sell YouTuber merchandise. The main stage is an excellent place to see some musicians perform live and see live comedy and see the big YouTube awards show. Why not also take some time and listen to some talks from YouTubers on a wide range of topics? SITC started in 2009 in the Royal Park of London as a small gathering but over the years has expanded in attendees and more recently started exhibiting in ExCeL London. There are currently tickets already available on their website. You can buy individual tickets or weekend passes (Saturday and Sunday) SITC 2017 was a huge year as there was a bigger list of YouTubers attending the convention. No actual announcements so far on which YouTubers will be attending Summer in the City in 2018. Do keep an eye out for announcements on their Twitter.

Next up is Instagram user @bryanfostermusic who is off to see Nashville in Concert later this year. Nashville is a country music inspired television show on CMT (Country Music Television) The show has been running for 6 years on and off, once belonging to ABC then being bought out by CMT. The show follows a group of fictitious country music superstars and their journey to stardom. The show has a very exciting storyline and one that would be far too long to explain in a blog post. We highly suggest binge-watching a few series if you haven’t come across the show before.  However, if you are huge fans of the show then you might not be aware that some of the cast of Nashville actually go on tour to perform songs from the hit show. They started touring way back in 2014 and also travelled to the UK. The cast is back on the road again in 2018 for some further UK shows.  The show is, however, coming to a close this year on CMT and so this is the final tour for Nashville. There are still some tickets available in the UK so grab them whilst tickets last.

If you want to take part in our user inspired posts all you must do is either tag us in your countdowns, or use #countdown or #countdownplus on your posts.