Following and Followers

This blog tutorial will help to explain the following and followers page of Version 4.0. This tutorial applies to iOS users only.

In Version 4.0 we added a social aspect to the app. You can follow your friend’s events and also choose which ones you want to add to your timeline.

When you look at your timeline, next to your profile photo you can see a red circle with a user icon inside. Tap on that and you will see a following and followers screen if you have not added someone before you will see an information page informing you about following. If you have already followed someone you will see the bar with a plus symbol. Tap on that to enter your friend’s names and easily add them. If you want to unfollow someone then tap on the red icon on the right and you will see a pop up saying unfollow.


Also on the following screen, you can see what events they have public for you to add to your timeline, you don’t have to follow all events you choose which ones you want to see your timeline. So tap on the bar and see a list of events. If you want to find more info on it then tap on the three lines. A little something you might notice is if another user added their date of birth to the app then you will see their date of birth under their username.


Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original video here.


Halloween Spots in London

Halloween is fast approaching and it is getting us excited. We can’t wait to go out to a few Halloween themed parties and visit some spooky houses. Here are our top spots to visit in London.

London has many exciting events around Halloween, and there are a few things you can do. If you are looking to find a Halloween themed tour, then be sure to go to the Tower of London. Here some spooky stories, and see some gruesome sights. Visit after regular tour ours, and it’s outdoors, so wrap up warm and maybe you might catch a ghost. They are not running the tour until early November, but tickets are on sale right now.


If that isn’t spooky enough for you, why not dare to take a ride on the Ghost Bus Tours. Want to hear the gruesome stories from long before that happened in London? Then Ghost Bus Tours could be for you, making your way past The Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey and many more stops.  The bus departs from just off Trafalgar Square on Northumberland Avenue. Why not go with a few friends, or head off with a group of 12 and over. Do you dare to take a seat; the choice is yours.

If you are looking for something to watch, then maybe check out the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the BFI Southbank. The special showing of the movie is to celebrate the 35th Anniversary. If you have seen the movie before, but not at the cinema, then this is a nice alternative to being out in the cold weather. You can also choose to see a shadow cast screening of the movie. Tickets are on sale right now.


Or are you looking to dance the night away at a big Halloween party, why not check out The Seven Deadly Sins Halloween Ball, where you can choose from seven stages spaced with performances running all night. It’s set to be a right spooky affair, so dress up in your finest outfits and be ready to party the night away. There is a photo booth, a cheeky naked feast, have a dance on the dance floor and if you need to take a breather then head to the chill out room. Tickets are on sale right now.


venetian-mask-1342242_1920Hope this gave you some ideas on what to do during Halloween, and don’t forget to use #countdownplus when you countdown to your Halloween based events.

Ways to Organise Your Life

As you may know, we know a thing or two about being organised, after all, we are a countdown app. So we wanted to share our best ways to get organised for your life.

Firstly we have to mention it because it’s our app, is use the app for your social life or work life. If you find yourself being late for meetings or constantly forgetting that social thing you had planned for ages. Add events from your smartphone calendar, or simply add new events from the app itself. If you know you only need reminding on the day of the event, then change a number of reminders you get from the app about that event. If you timeline is filled with events then make sure every countdown has a picture attached to it.

If that isn’t simply enough then let’s start with a few basics that you could apply on a monthly basis, or weekly if you are keen. If you find yourself buried in a sea of your own things then maybe start by decluttering your house or bedroom. Nothing feels better than a clean room where you can just empty all the mess from your room. What can be useful if you tend to have a lot of things on a table is getting some boxes, it neatens up surfaces and makes for the more aesthetically pleasing room? If your desk in your bedroom is a mess then tidy it up or get some drawer organisers. If you live in a smaller space then make use of the hidden capabilities of your wardrobe doors. You could hang organisers from then so that you can find those loose small garments or keep belts stored away. Once you do these things it is best to repeat after every month or weekly, depending on how much of mess you tend to make.


If you live in a house with a big kitchen or small kitchen, it could be really good to have a declutter. Throw out all the things you don’t need because who needs around 100 boxes of Tupperware, a couple has to of had a crack in it at some point. What’s really helpful is just putting some food items into jars that you can tightly seal, put the name of what is inside and the best before the date on top. Kind of helpful so it actually fits neatly, as most packaging is bulky and makes for bad storage. Consider taking a trip to your local homeware store to get a few storage items that could declutter your kitchen cupboards. What is suggested really is have a good clear out of your kitchen maybe every 5 months and you will not think your kitchen is too small for all your things. Even better make a note of a reminder in the app for when you want to do this, so you don’t forget.


Hope this helps you gain some ideas on how to organise your life, we hope it gave you a push in the right direction. Let us know what you have on your timeline by using #countdownplus

Winter Getaways

Summer is well and truly over and we are looking forward to the winter months and cannot wait till Winter season. What a perfect time of the year to be thinking about finding a winter getaway trip, so here are just a few of our suggestions for a winter getaway.

New York is a really popular choice for the winter time since it is one of the best cities if you want to experience a truly American Christmas. Ice rinks appear around the city; the whole city transforms into a winter wonderland. Ice skating is a must in the city centre of New York, you can go to quite a few in New York. The Rink at Rockefeller Center is a good place to go, obviously, it is a busy season so expect to wait a bit in the cold. Why not warm up in the queue with a nice cup of coffee, or roasted chestnuts which can be found in many street carts. Something which is common in most countries across the world is a good holiday market. Why not get a few Christmas stocking fillers and handmade ornaments to take home. Most markets are open from early October or early November. If you are looking for something fun to watch whilst in New York then why not goes for the Thanksgiving Parade, something featured in many American TV shows and American Movies. It is something not to be missed. New York is simply amazing in Winter, and we hope that gave you a little window into what it could be like during the winter season.


If you’re not looking for a city break during the winter time, then we suggest a skiing holiday. So if all you want to do is gather your mates and go skiing down the slopes then Chamonix is great, ski holidays always work the best if you want to go as a big group. Book chateaux and then you get a cheaper price for your holiday. If you aren’t avid Skiers and it is your first time, then Chamonix is pretty good for that, since its level of difficulty is very low. Not much else to it really, enjoy the stay and head to a couple of bars in the area and have a wonderful trip.


If you are looking for an authentic winter trip, then maybe Berlin is a good option. Authentic Christmas markets and plenty of warm food, it is a great place to go for a short trip in the winter holidays. Christmas Markets are a big thing in Berlin, eat some hot dogs and warm up with a nice mulled wine. Alexanderplatz in Berlin is a must, they have a huge market, made up of small wooden huts during the festive season. Plenty of craft stands and food stands to have a look at. One thing that will bring you in is the Christmas pyramid in the middle, with lots of lights and a great place to take a bunch of photos. You may want to go for a skate in the city centre at the Berliner Weihnachtszeit. It is at the centre of the Christmas market and you can enjoy free admission but you only have to pay to rent out the skates so that’s not a bad deal. Another great place if you want to find a great town for the winter months.


So that is it for this post, let us know where you are heading off to this year with the #countdownplus.

Back to school must haves

School is close approaching for some of you or some of you might already have gone back to school. Which is kind of crappy but, there is nothing like a good must have the blog post? We wanted to share our back to school must-haves with you.

A new term and you will be inundated with plenty of things to do, from coursework to exam prep as well. Instead of thinking and using your school planner to decide what needs to be done. To do list pads are everywhere in stationery shops. Once you get back from school you could plan out what you need to that evening.

2016-02-25 11.21.13 HDR copyA notebook for more important notes that you want to keep on you for any lesson would be ideal. So that you always have it on you, even when homework gets taken in. Get one that divides for different subjects, why not that extra mile. You could get different colour pens that match the tabs on the notebook.

On the topic of pencils then why not stock up on ball pens because we always end up losing a tonne of them. Also, it doesn’t hurt to get a few highlighters and some really cute pen’s to add to your pencil case. If you are shopping for pens then before you head out, make sure you clear out your current pencil case.

To stay a little bit more organised and access the right sections in your notebooks you get from school, get some washi tape or colour tabs for your files. So you can jump to the right section when revising or just when you need to catch up on your notes. Plus it adds some colour to your books as well.

2016-06-09 12.34.50 HDR-2 copy

For shopping for items, Amazon is a solid choice for us, we find you can get cheaper items from there, things like Sharpies and such can be pricey in stationery stores. Target is great and can be full of cute stuff for school, this helps if you guys are in America. Paperchase has some cute things in their stores and at a reasonable price. Also, check out your local big supermarket, sometimes they have pretty decent stationery items even the cute stuff.

Well, that’s it for this post, do let us know what you are buying for when you get back to school. If you are counting down to your return to school then do share them with the #countdownplus we love seeing your countdowns.