Countdown Types Tutorial

Another video tutorial turned into a blog post. This tutorial will help show you the event countdown options we have. It works both for Android and iOS devices.

So you want to tap on Menu and then you tap on Countdown Event, this works for your iPhone. For Android it’s the three squares then New countdown. There are four options of event countdowns, Custom event, birthday, exact age and time since. Custom event countdowns is great if you want to add a personal event in your life from a holiday to a concert. Birthday countdown is helpful to keep track of your birthday every year or your friends. Exact Age countdown, tells you how old you are to the exact second. Time Since countdown lets you know how long since a big milestone.

Countdown Types-05

Custom events are easy to add, place your title above and fill out all the time and date info, and don’t forget to add an image.

Countdown Types-01

If you want to countdown to your birthday or a friends birthday then simply change the name to the specific person, the text is editable. Add in their birthdate and add an image of your friend.

Countdown Types-02

Exact Age is similar to the birthday countdown fill in the info about your birthday and add an image of yourself and then you have a countdown to specific to your age.

Countdown Types-03

Time Since helps if you want to countdown since a major milestone, fill in the title, add the dates and then add an image and you can see how many days since an event.

Countdown Types-04

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original here.


5 ways to use our app to help you revise

It’s exam season as you probably know and we have already written a post about Best way to be organised for school (at home and at school). We wanted to a exam special blog post, on 5 ways to use our app to help you revise for exams.

  1. Use the timer for practicing speaking exams

On the app on the iOS version you can use a function called timer, this could be really helpful if you have a capped time on how long you can talk on a speaking exam, or you want to set yourself a target on how long you revise for on each subject. It could really help you to stop looking at your phone or laptop clock to see if your time is up on each subject. You can actually save your countdowns, if you are going to revise for something a lot and you may spend less time of it then save it for later so you don’t have to reset it. May help to stay focused on the subject at hand.



  1. Use sticky notes to remind yourself how far you have revised.

 When you add events to your timeline, and baring in mind you have got the full version of the app of course you can add sticky notes to them. This could help if you easily forget how many topics you covered whilst revising. If you prefer leaving notes on your phone it could make more sense to add those notes to the countdown of the subject. Also you could write down what you plan to do next as well.



  1. Events already added to your phone

So you might have been handed a sheet full of your exams and you might have been emailed to your social email all your exam dates. Why not add the dates for exams that might be already on your calendar to the app. Its really simple go on to the calendar tab on the app, this is the same for either version of the app. You will see a load of events on the calendar, add the exams you need to revise for and they will go straight to your timeline.




  1. Add events to your timeline and personalize them


Alternatively, you can add events by doing it yourself through the app. Easily add events, set the time and date on them and why not make it a bit less boring to revise by adding your own images to them. You could add inspirational images or just leave it on calendar format. Whatever way you feel will help you to stay motivated for your topic you are revising.




  1. Set auto reminders for every event 

IMG_8477So once you added all your events make sure you have auto set as your reminder choice, this way you will be notified on the day and the run up to your exams. You will get sent Push Notifications this way. This can help to understand how long you have left till the exam and if you can revise as much as you need to for it.





We hope this has helped you revise for your exams, we just wanted to highlight some ways you can use to revise for your exams. Let us know how you get on with your revision on Facebook and Twitter.

How to have the best day out at Disney

We see a far share of you counting down to your trips to Disneyland, so we scoured the internet and wanted to compile the best advice we could find for your days out at Disneyland.We are going to split this blog post up into three sections, food, attractions and general advice.

First up is food, now at any Disneyland park there are plenty of themed foods to check out, so we want to showcase a few must dos in terms of food. We think one of the most popular snack foods that gets everyone excited is the Mickey Ice Cream Bar, which you can find around the park in various ice cream carts. If you are looking out for something refreshing to drink and also sweet then you might like the dole float, which is basically a dole whip but just with extra juice on the button. Sounds perfect in the sunny Florida weather. If you want to find it then go to the Tiki Juice Bar in Disneyland Park’s Adventureland. A popular food again that you may have seen a few times on social media is the Mickey waffles, with maple syrup and bacon, so cute and look soo good. Carnation Café on Main Street is where you can find them. If you are looking for something savoury then check out the bacon mac and cheese inside a bread cone, it looks so good to eat. You might just want to book your tickets already just from hearing about all the food.


Next up is attractions, there are a few new attractions at Disneyland now due to the recent launch of the new movie from Star Wars The Force Awakens, so its great to see some more rides to enjoy there are now a lot of interactive experiences which are Star Wars based. You can enjoy seeing some exclusive behind the scenes of the past and present movies. Play some Disneyland exclusive games there and see some expensive and amazing memorabilia. There are aren’t many rides at the moment but you can experience Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular and see a fabulous night time fireworks show. Disneyland is full of amazing rides and some are even better to experience at night time, why not go on Splash Mountain, a classic ride at Disneyland. A ride that is mostly indoors it is a great place to go when you reach the drop and you get a stunning view of Cinderella’s Castle. Another great night time ride if the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, this ride was built to be ridden at night, a lot more exciting when night falls and becomes a lot creepier. There are plenty of other rides to see, these were just a few tips to keep you occupied. disneyland-105271_1920

Lastly some vital advice when going to Disneyland Parks, if you are looking to jump queues and experience Disneyland a lot quicker then get yourself a FastPass which will help with the long queues. Good tips if you go in a large group and no one is willing to stay behind and look after your belonging on water rides, you can place your belongings in lockers you can leave them for free for the first two hours. Good tip if you want to stay late at Disneyland parks is that attractions don’t close when the parks close, so no need to worry if you are waiting in line and are expecting to ride at night time. Talking off night time at the parks most people want to know where to experience the best view for fireworks, apparently watching the fireworks on attractions is the way forward. Storybook Land Canal Boats are the best for viewing the fireworks because they stop the ride so you can see the fireworks. If you like taking selfies then consider others because Disneyland are not allowing the use of selfie sticks. You can try to take it but the likely hood is that you will get kicked off the ride and no one wants that.

Right that’s plenty of short advice on going to Disneyland, if you are counting down to Disneyland then don’t forget to tag us in your pictures. #countdownplus and find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Mickey Waffle under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

Source: daryl_mitchell on Flickr

User Music Events

A few weeks ago we did a user inspired post, and everyone featured was delighted for the mention. So here is another user inspired post this time its all about concerts.


Cjo0R6hVEAENyx7This year is filled with amazing music events, one of the most popular music events which you have talked about a lot is 5 Seconds of Summer. Over the last couple of weeks we have replied to so many of you talking about where you are seeing them and how excited you are to see them. One of users on Twitter @liisshaa__ is going to see them live in Brisbane. We have been busy sharing loads of 5SOS gifs on Twitter with her. Check out the conversation here. 5SOS are made up of 4 boys Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton, it all started for them back in Australia in 2011 and used to headline for One Direction but are now currently out on their headline SLFL tour and touring all over the world from Europe to America. 5SOS have over 3 million YouTube subscribers and their latest single Hey Everybody! Has over 15 million views. Their most successful single was She Looks So Perfect back in 2014 which gained them the No. 1 spot in 5 different charts. Their tickets for their north American tour are pretty pricey, they tour on their SLFL tour until October. Check out their tour dates here.


CjiP5foWgAAGxWMMelanie Martinez is also a very popular artist amongst our Twitter followers as well. One of our users on Twitter @Abbi_james_ is seeing her live later this year. She is best known for appearing on the talent show The Voice in America. She performed Toxic for her blind audition and got three of the judges chairs turned around and picked Adam Levine to be her judge. She made it to the Top 6 but then got eliminated and then it all changed. She worked on new material and uploaded a music video for her song Dollhouse, which currently has 45 million views to this day on YouTube check it out here. Melanie is now touring the world with her Cry Baby Tour, if you are interested in seeing her, her tour runs to the end of the year so catch a ticket before its gone.


Those are two of our must see events for this year. Let us know who you are seeing this year on Facebook and Twitter.