Uni Organisation

So we have done a how to stay organised for work post and Best way to stay organised for school (at home and school). This time we know exam season is here, and some of you will be doing some exams at uni. We want to help you get organised for your uni exams.

Keeping on top of your Exams

2016-05-24 12.00.32 2016-05-24 11.57.48Something you know by now if you are a regular reader to our blog posts is that we are big on keeping you organised by using our app. So many of you guys on Twitter, are doing that already and its sad and yeah its not so great to look at but it keeps you in check for your exams. So get your countdownplus app open and enter all your major deadlines and exams to the app. Keep it plain and simple or just try and make it exciting with images that we offer through our image backgrounds pack.


Keep your work space tidy

2016-02-25 11.23.12 HDR copyIf you are at UNI and have your own room or share your room/dorm, maybe think of having a tidy up of your desk or working area. Put things away from you that you know will only just distract you. If you need to file some papers away that are key to your revision and haven’t got anything then this is your chance to go and splurge on some much needed stationery. Get a new pencil case and keep the items you only need for revision also stock up on pens you never know when you might loose one. Make your revision space a place where you know you can get the most work done. If you revise in the library make sure you bring everything you need with you, and before starting make sure you are not causing chaos with too much mess.


Plan out

2016-05-24 12.04.51 copyAnother pro tip, is don’t over work yourself and create a revision timetable. Over working yourself and doing too much won’t help you to revise for your exams. You can add it to your journal or your smartphone calendar. Don’t forget to take some breaks in between and relax in the evening and try not to over work your brain. Revision will seem less daunting if you plan it all out. If it helps whilst revising to write notes down, this is also a great chance to go out and buy everything you need to revise.

Whether you have finished with exams for now or are revising and need some motivation we hope this helps you out. Let us know if it helped you on Twitter and Facebook.


Calendar Tab Tutorial

Another blog post turned from video to blog post, this is for the calendar tab tutorial. This tutorial will help you to add events from the calendar tab onto your timeline. It works both for android and ios devices.


This is a question we get a few times on Facebook, so we thought we would make a quick tutorial on how to add events from the calendar tab and how you can edit them. First of all go into the app, and tap on the calendar tab which is on the top for android or at the bottom for ios. Once you find an event you wish to add from the tab, you will want to tap on the plus button next to the event. When you do so it will turn into a green tick, if you have your sound turned on you will hear a tiny click.

Calendar Tab-01

Now check your timeline for the event, it will be defaulted to the calendar view, if you want to personalise it. Tap on edit and you can change the style and add an image if you wish. Also cancelling the event from the timeline is easy. Go onto the calendar tab and deselect the event, it will turn back to the plus button and will disappear from your timeline.

Calendar Tab-02

Calendar Tab-03

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original tutorial here.

Best Day out in London

So there is so much to do in London, and it is always best to stay in London for at least a week to really enjoy your time. If you are strapped with time, then you can cram a few things in one day so here is our top tips for a great day out in London.


2016-04-28 16.31.48 HDR copyThere is nothing better then doing some touristy things in London, such as seeing Buckingham palace or going to Tower Bridge. So here we go, if you are staying in London then think about starting at a reasonable time lets say 09:00 till 10:00. We say start your day off by going to Buckingham Palace and walk along The Mall to get there, for a nice long stroll up to the Palace. Some great shots of the palace can be taken when you walk along Green Park. After you have taken a few selfies in front of the palace and a few pictures of the palace. You can take a stroll or a taxi to some early afternoon lunch. We may have mentioned this place before but book before you go, Sketch on Conduit Street is a great place to go. Quirky place for some afternoon tea but can be really lovely for a quick rest place. Then after you have an early afternoon tea then head towards Covent Garden, either get the bus or taxi but don’t bother with the tube as it is not recommended even by TFL. Explore the boutique shops in Covent Garden and you can find some great gems there. Go shopping if you wish and marvel at the Covent Garden market.


2016-04-28 14.50.40 HDR-2 copyNext take a bus, taxi or walk if you wish to the London Eye for some great scenes of London, its up to you if you want to go on the London Eye, but be aware that it does take time to queue and can be some what on the pricey side. Spend some time walking along the river thames for a great view and make your way to the South Bank. You can see the famous skate park which is still open and see a few skaters and some amazing graffiti work as well. You can walk along the River Thames and head towards London Bridge it is a fair long walk but can be great to walk off the delicious afternoon tea you had. You will then me able to walk past HMS Belfast and experience the lovely sites of Tower Bridge. Why not cap off a lovely walk but visiting the Shard for some stunning views of London. Some great places to eat around London Bridge as well, so have a look around and find a place that suits you. Then that’s your day done in London, a spot of afternoon tea and plenty of pictures to treasure after a long day in London.


Are any of you heading to London for the summer? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

Users Best Holiday Spots

From time to time, we see our users counting down to awesome holidays to many different places. We just want to show some great places to visit will visiting the countries. So we hope you enjoy this user inspired blog post.


port-1030760_1920First up is Monaco, from @rebeccameechan9 on Twitter. Monaco is famous for holding the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, which happens this month from 26-29th. Oceanographic Museum of Monaco seems like a great place to go if you are looking for a fun day out. It is built on the side of the mythical Rock of Monaco, it overviews the ocean. Since its situated at the cusp of the ocean, there are some great exhibits inside the museum. It is reasonably priced and open all year round. Up for view of the harbour and seeing some stunning yachts and boats, then Monte Carlo Harbour is the one to check out. Take a stroll along the harbour and see the views of the mountains behind and the ocean. If you are looking for something to do for free in Monaco then checking out Casino Square is a must do, take a look at the expensive rare cars on show. A truly great place if you just want to admire the fancy cars and take in the sights whilst there. Those are just some ideas on what to do whilst in Monaco, May time is a busier since the Grand Prix is on, why not check it out whilst the weather is stunning and hot.


garachico-953940_1920Next is Tenerife from @evac90 on Twitter. Tenerife has some stunning mountain views all around, if you want to enjoy the weather and want to visit a water park there, then check out Siam Park. Great for any ages, and you can choose from 12 water rides. If you aren’t keen on going the rides, then there is a white sandy beach and there a few restaurants and bars to keep everyone occupied. Great place to take the whole family whilst on your summer holidays. If you want to look for something more adventurous then why not check out Tenerife Mt Teide Cable Car experience, set in the highest peak of Spain. Experience the views of Tenerife and the Canary Islands of the Atlantic Sea. If you want to get a little deeper in the ocean, then try the Scuba and Snorkelling opportunities in Tenerife. There are quite a few places to go snorkelling so wherever you stay, you will have access to some great scuba and snorkelling places. Some companies to do with are Paradise Divers, Blue Bottom Divers and Travel Sub Dive Center.


nyhavn-district-1119123_1920Lastly is @emali87 from Instagram. We wanted to show off one of her holidays she has planned and that’s to Copenhagen. A lovely cultural place in Europe, great at any time of the year, exceptionally better in the summer time. Nyhavn is a pretty place to walk along the old port and find some great cafes and restaurants. There is a great Canal tour which you can take and enjoy the lovely views of Copenhagen. Nyhavn is popular for its colourful houses just like Amsterdam. Tivoli Gardens is a great place to visit, it is a huge park in Copenhagen, that you can enjoy and walk around. Not is it just a beautiful park but there are rides to enjoy and the park looks great anytime of year. Plenty of events happen in the park, from music to theatre. So check before you travel to find out what’s on.


So those are a few countries to visit according to our users. We will be making a few more user inspired posts this year. Let us know what you are doing this year on Facebook and Twitter.