Festivals to attend in 2016

Summer is coming and some summer festivals are already selling out fast. Here are some choices on what festivals to attend this year.



It comes back to us in Heaton Park Manchester on June 11-12th. This year sees some big headliners coming to the stage. Years and Years, Jess Glyne, Sigma and more more to name just a few. There are different stages at Parklife for each weekend, both nights consist of 8 stages, with plenty of talent and it will be hard to choose the best stage each day. Now there is plenty more to do at the festival then see your favourite artists, plenty of extra acrobatic performers and some up and coming DJs and club brands to keep you entertained. Lets not forget the glorious food you can enjoy during the whole weekend. Tickets are available still and full weekend tickets are available. Prices for day tickets are £54.50 but then festivals are always better when you camp out and camping prices are £95.00.

2016-04-26 12.51.04


Wireless Festival lies on July 8-10th, it’s a great festival in London. Great if your local in London and its at Finsbury Park. Awesome headliners The 1975, Calvin Harris and Chase and Status and many greater acts. It’s a fun and great atmosphere, and since its in London which is rare for other great festivals will make the summer that more exciting. Plenty of acts on to keep you going, not much being said on what the stages are like and what else to expect online. If you want to go then prices for day tickets are £62.50 plus booking fee and then multi day tickets, which only lets you do two days of the festival as a bundle are ranging from £106.50 to £109.50. If you want the full weekend, then it costs £155.50. Don’t forget the booking fee on them to.

2016-04-26 12.51.18

T in the Park

It starts in July 8-10th, same as Wireless festival. Some brilliant headliners include, The 1975, Tom Odell, disclosure and many more acts. It’s going to be held at Strathallan Castle, Perthshire, Scotland. Let’s hope we don’t get a Scottish summer, and hope for sunny weather. They improved the location of everything this year, which means more things to explore, they moved the main stage and the Radio 1 stage to and a few other smaller stages. They have a great area for amazing food, since food really has improved at festivals to offer really tasty options. If you are still interested in going, you can either camp or not, so if you’re not fan of sharing a small tent then you opt for No camping tickets which cost £82.50. If you want to go for camping, then you can get them at £194. It’s a pricier festival but its got some great acts.

2016-04-26 12.52.01

Reading and Leeds

Reading and Leeds is on August 26th -28th. Another big year for the festival, Headliners include Fall Out Boy, A$AP Rocky, Twenty One Pilots and many more. So many great stages for this year 11 to be exact. Luckily tickets are still available for this fantastic festival that is so popular year after year. Day tickets cost £66.50, weekend tickets now are very steep, £213 so buy your tickets wisely. There is always so much to do at Reading and Leeds, great food stands and plenty of new talent to seek on smaller stages.

2016-04-26 12.51.37

We wanted to feature the famous Glastonbury festival but they just sell out way too fast before we could even write anything about them. Not long left till the summer so we hope this helped you make your mind up. What festivals are you planning to go to let us know on Facebook and Twitter


Facebook Resolution Version 3.0

Another blog post that is a video tutorial, and it recently got made into a video tutorial. This blog post will help you to grab events from Facebook from your iPhone calendar on your iOS device. This tutorial will only work for iOS devices.

Currently there is an issue with posting events to Facebook via the app and grabbing Facebook events from the Facebook tab. How ever there is a long way around adding Facebook events.

Facebook Resolution-01

Go to Settings Facebook then make sure Countdown+ is green. Go into Calendar and go into Calendars and make sure your Facebook events have a red tick next to it. Then it maybe hard to tell but you can see all Facebook events in the Calendar tab.

Facebook Resolution-02

We are currently working on an update that will fix this issue, so this blog tutorial method is temporary.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more blog tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original tutorial here.

Movie to Watch in 2016

So the rest of year sees plenty of amazing movies set to hit cinema screens. We wanted to share with you, which films we reckon you should go and watch in cinemas this year.

2016-04-12 11.57.01

Captain America: Civil War, comes out 6th May 2016. The whole Avengers team come together, but this time it’s a fight against Captain America and Iron Man. Captain America wants to defend humanity without the government interfering, but Iron Man wants to accept the government supporting and overseeing the Avengers fight for good. Marvels films are always packed with action, and if you have seen the first Avengers films, it makes the story line seem a lot easier to follow, if you haven’t seen them all it isn’t too hard to follow along. Also if your new to Marvel films, check out for Stan Lee, he makes a sneaky appearance on all Marvel films. So if that does not entice you then check out the trailer. Are you #TeamIronMan or #TeamCap? Let us know on Twitter.

2016-04-12 11.57.10

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2) comes out 3rd June 2016. The Ninja Turtles are back to save the city from threat, but this time in the present day. This a big step up from the previous version of the movie, yes it’s the same group of bad ass Ninja Turtles who love pizza and want to kick some butt but they are back and the graphics in this movie are amazing. Remember the first movie, no real special effects or anything but it was the 90s so what do you expect. It currently has 95% want to see rating on Rotten Tomatoes so that has to be something. Catch the trailer here, and why mot make up your own mind on if it looks like a movie worth watching.

2016-04-12 11.57.21

Finding Dory comes out 17th June 2016, and if you have seen Finding Nemo then I’m sure you will want to catch this movie. This time its Dory’s turn to look for her parents and she wants to meet them. With the help of Nemo and his dad they go off to find her parents. With some obstacles on the way but its got plenty of great moments just like any other Pixar movie. So don’t forget to just keep swimming, and never give up. We can’t wait to see this movie, Finding Nemo was a great film and we sure think this one will be great. You guys on Facebook seemed rather excited for the movie. Watch the trailer here.

2016-04-12 11.57.29

Star Trek Beyond comes out 22nd July, the crew along with Kirk are stranded on a remote planet with no communication access. Kirk along with the crew have to come together and find a way to get back to Earth, it doesn’t come easy. Its been several years since the last Star Trek movie, Into Darkness. This should be a great movie if you have loved the previous Star Trek movies. Same all star cast just a new mission. Its still a while until it comes out but check out the trailer and let us know what you think.

So those are our movies to watch this year, it’s a small pick but so many great films are set for release this year, which movie are you excited about? Check out our YouTube video on Movie releases to.

Booking Travel Tips

Last month we talked about our tips on travelling, so before you even get on that plane, train or get in the car. Here are our best booking travel tips.


BookingSo hopefully by now you have made your mind up on where you want to go on your holiday. Don’t forget to book your flights first, and then sort out your hotel. Wisely choose the time you want to travel, if you go during school holidays, summer and spring expect prices to be high. If you travel outside of those time brackets you will have a higher chance of getting a cheaper flight. A booking pro tip, is if you book on a Tuesday or Wednesday you will most likely get a decent price. If you book an international flight, then do book up to 6-4 months before your trip. Best ways to book hotels are looking on websites which help you to find the cheapest price for that hotel. Its better then having millions of websites open for booking a room. If you are travelling alone or with a group of mates, consider booking a room in a hostel, you will get a cheaper price.



2016-04-05 12.41.20Every holiday should start off smoothly, and you should enjoy it. So when you choose where to go and what to do, then its best to keep organised. So you aren’t missing flights or connections and missing out on all the fun on your holiday. Once you have booked your holiday, start a countdown on the app and make sure to use a picture of your booking confirmation. You may just thank yourself at the airport, when you have a picture of it on your phone. So its easier then searching for your passport and boarding pass, since we all carry our phones closer to us. Set alarms on your phone so you know when you should get up, leave the house and what time really you should be at the airport. However, you travel to the airport, allow time for delays.

Last thing to mention is be aware of any loyalty cards you may have that give you a discount on hotels or flights. Check your airline loyalty cards, they can give you discounts off flights. You could save so much money and you could spend that on things to do on your holiday.

Let us know if these tips saved your next holiday. What is your essential booking tip let us know on Facebook and Twitter.



Comedy Gigs of 2016

In the UK more so there are lots of comedy festivals and a few new comedians going out on tour, so here are our top 4 comedy based events to look out for this year.


9706780722_9d0c5ffcef_oFirst up, we have the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which runs 5 August till the 29 of August. Not only is the festival for comedy but its filled with all sorts from, dance to spoken word performances. You will be spoilt for choice during this festival.  Shows run through this bracket of time in different venues across the city of Edinburgh. The festival has been running since 1947 and last year had 3,193 shows and it still makes it the largest arts festival in the world. If that doesn’t entice you to go then, you should be aware some big names do often perform at the festival, but expect compact venues no arenas in sight, so the experience is more exciting. Currently tickets are available but the best is to get proactive with booking tickets as they sell quicker towards the date of the festival. If you are looking to stay in the centre of Edinburgh, then act fast as hotels and hostels book out quickly.


3714827838_2944d884e3_oAnother festival but this is a comedy festival called Udderbelly which runs along the Southbank in London. It runs from 7 April till the 17 July, so plenty of time to see performances. The festival itself is rather striking, which is a blow up tent shaped like a cow but not to forget it looks purple so it stands out. The line-up has already been released on their Twitter account, so do go take a look at the line-up. James Acaster, Jason Byrne and Nina Conti just to name a few big names are performing this year at the festival. Not just comedy shows to see but you get to choose from a bunch of tasty food stands and lots of beer stands to, perfect festival when the weather gets warmer in the summer months.


Someone who is really becoming hugely popular and if the Edinburgh fringe festival and Udderbelly aren’t the only places you want to see him perform is James Acaster. He is touring all through out of 2016 and is on a tour called Reset: James Acaster. If you have not heard of him, he has been on Josh, Russell Howards Good News and comedy panel shows. If you weren’t aware he is winning a plethora of best newcomer comedy awards across the UK. His latest award was in 2015 for Best Breakthrough Act and Best Show (for Recognise) at the Chortle Awards. He truly is a must see this show, with loads of shows no excuse not to see him when it fits you.


Lastly but not at all bottom of the list is Josh Widdecombe, who’s style of comedy matches James Acaster. He has taken the comedy scene by storm this year, with a short drama based upon him and staring himself called Josh. You can see him on Channel 4 on a Friday night co hosting The Last Leg, with Adam Hills and Alex Brooker. He maybe best known for his radio show he used to present on Radio X (formely XFM). Your obviously here to see if he is touring this year, and he is touring from the 4th August till the October 6th in the UK. Tickets are still available for most of the dates.


So there you have it these were our Top 4 comedy festivals/gigs to see in 2016. Let us know what comedy gigs you are going to see this year via Facebook or Twitter.