How to use the app to its fullest potential?

You might have wondered how do I make the most out of my countdowns on the countdownplus well here we are with some advice on how to do that.

You may have just started to book a bunch of holidays and got some tickets to your favourite artist in concert. So now it is time to add in those events to the app, why not get a little creative and add your own images to the events. Then you can pick your favourite layout, we think full is the best one by the way. Also go crazy and change the font and colours on the countdown time, you can’t do that with other countdown apps by the way. This way it shows up better on your images if it is set to full. Now when you look at your timeline you get the most exciting set of events to look forward to.

fullest blog post-01

Now you have all the countdowns and you are getting a few notifications on your events. Why not brag and show off on social media. We recommend trying to show off on Twitter and Instagram best. There is a share straight to Twitter button below each countdown. Why not try it out and show it off? With Instagram, you can screengrab in within the app and then, decorate it as much as you want with photo editing apps and then finally share it with the world. We like seeing all your exciting countdowns by the way, when sharing your countdowns don’t forget to share it with the hashtag #countdownplus.

fullest blog post-02

We see a lot on Twitter, that you lovely lot are recommending us everyday, we have to say a big thank you to those who do. When you recommend the app to a friend someone else gets to enjoy the app just like you did. So if you are new to us or just so happen to stumble across this blog. Why not send the link to this post to someone? Think of it as a good deed of the day. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


2 thoughts on “How to use the app to its fullest potential?

  1. Good afternoon, I need some help with the calendar. (this has nothing to do with this article)
    I cannot get my calendar to show.
    The countdown works really good BUT I can not get the calendar to show. I have also check with “trouble shooting”.
    When I go to the menu, well, absolutely nothing comes up.
    Could you please help me.
    Thank you,


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