How to use the app to its fullest potential?

You might have wondered how do I make the most out of my countdowns on the countdownplus well here we are with some advice on how to do that.

You may have just started to book a bunch of holidays and got some tickets to your favourite artist in concert. So now it is time to add in those events to the app, why not get a little creative and add your own images to the events. Then you can pick your favourite layout, we think full is the best one by the way. Also go crazy and change the font and colours on the countdown time, you can’t do that with other countdown apps by the way. This way it shows up better on your images if it is set to full. Now when you look at your timeline you get the most exciting set of events to look forward to.

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Now you have all the countdowns and you are getting a few notifications on your events. Why not brag and show off on social media. We recommend trying to show off on Twitter and Instagram best. There is a share straight to Twitter button below each countdown. Why not try it out and show it off? With Instagram, you can screengrab in within the app and then, decorate it as much as you want with photo editing apps and then finally share it with the world. We like seeing all your exciting countdowns by the way, when sharing your countdowns don’t forget to share it with the hashtag #countdownplus.

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We see a lot on Twitter, that you lovely lot are recommending us everyday, we have to say a big thank you to those who do. When you recommend the app to a friend someone else gets to enjoy the app just like you did. So if you are new to us or just so happen to stumble across this blog. Why not send the link to this post to someone? Think of it as a good deed of the day. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Best way to be organised for school (at home and at school)

So it’s Half Term here in the UK, and I am sure everyone is having a great rest, but you might have thought about how to stay on top of being organised for the the next term. So here our top tips on how to stay organised for school.


Our App

Organised School-01Using our app to stay organised is something we obviously highly recommend to you. You may have already been given key dates and put them in your school planner, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Why not set up some countdowns for the next few big assignments you have coming up and also any exams that you need to revise for. Then you could make a revision calendar and write down what subjects to revise for. It’s key to have something that can help you to stay on top of your work at school, it can help you to stay concentrated whilst revising, without the fear of thinking you forget to revise for something.


Goals each week

Why not start to set up some achievable goals each week, say you know you need to revise more of one subject then set yourself a target for how much you think you can revise. Don’t to be hard on yourself, you are only human and you can’t be to hard on yourself everyday. So take good amount of breaks in between each subject so that it isn’t a big confusion. You could go for a walk, or listen to some music in between each subject. If you make revising a lot more organised, again it makes it less of a messy experience.


Clean up your work space

IMG_4626 copyNo one wants to revise or do homework in a messy area, so clear off all loose bits on your table, tidy it up and remove anything you think will distract you. It’s half term or whenever you read this there is always time for a stationery shopping trip, go get some folder organisers or new pencil pots. Also sometimes your pencil case can be a sea of mess, with rubbish or broken pens. Give it a spring clean and make sure you only keep items you really need everyday at school. Here’s the fun bit about it as well, go shopping for new supplies, get a new pencil case if its broken, stock up you never know when you might need extra pens. Backpacks can be a sea of mess to, so why not organise them better. Stick in sheets that are hanging out of books. This way you help yourself and your teachers by being neat in your notebooks. If you need a folder for a subject then grab one, you can jazz up your school bag with plenty of colour. Maybe aim to tidy your room or work bag and pencil every week, so you always stay on top of your game, and don’t waste your time searching for work you need to do.


Those are just some of our handy tips on staying organised at school, let us know how you stay organised for work on Facebook or Twitter.

iCloud Sync

If you were not aware, we have a YouTube channel with tutorial videos. We felt we should make blog posts about our Tutorials. So from now on expect to see a tutorial video made into a blog post. We have made these blog posts simple to follow with step by step advice and images to help you out. This blog post tutorial will show you how you can restore your countdowns on your new iOS device. Warning it will only work with the paid version of the app.

Get your iOS device that has all your countdowns on, and we want to check that the app has enabled iCloud Drive. Go into settings then scroll down to find iCloud then go into iCloud Drive. We want to make sure that the Countdownplus app is turned on so the green icon lets us know its turned on.

iCloud Blog Post-01

So now get your other iOS device, we have to make sure that you have downloaded the app again from the app store. You can find it in your purchases tab and then download it from there.  So let’s make sure that this ios device has iCloud enabled for the app. So we are going to repeat the last step. So Settings – iCloud – iCloud Drive – then make sure its switched on. As you can see it hasn’t been turned on.

iCloud Blog Post-02

Now we can open the Countdownplus app. I have no countdowns what so ever but it should load straight away all of your countdowns. If for some reason it does not load straight away then, in the app tap on Menu, then tap on iCloud Sync.

iCloud Blog Post-03

It may take some time considering the amount of countdowns you have. Say you have 20 countdowns it will take a lot of time. So leave it to download them all and go back later on to check they are all there.

Here is the video link to the original tutorial. Thank you for taking the time to read this question, more blog posts on Tutorial videos will appear on our blog. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook.

Interesting Valentines Spots

Valentines Day is fast approaching with it only being two weeks away, so maybe it is time you started thinking about what you want to do with your partner. So we came up with a short list of ideas to do for an interesting valentines day and even a romantic one.

So let’s start to talk about where to grab some food on valentine’s day. Why not go for afternoon tea at the fabulous Sketch. Sketch is just off Regent Street on Conduit Street and is a short walk from Oxford Street and not far from the station. The tearoom is a very beautiful pink, soft lighting and comfy chairs everywhere. You can choose from three types of afternoon tea sets. They have a Valentines Day special set with a glass of Moussé Fils rosé Champagne for £68 per person a little steep but, perfect if you want to push the boat out. This tea room is really unique and with interesting art work covering the walls, there is plenty to talk about. So why not book yourself a table for two at Sketch on the 13th or 14th of February.


If you aren’t in the mood for afternoon tea, but after something low key and fun to do then check out Draughts Café. It’s a board game café that has around 600 or more board games to play with. If you get stuck, then they have a team of game experts to help you along the way. They are based not far from Haggerston Overground stop which is a 5-minute walk. If you want to get stuck into some tasty food you can, also why not just get a mug of hot chocolate instead with something sweet. On weekends unfortunately it’s a basis of first come first serve, so maybe avoid turning up late on the weekend. They are open from 10:00 till 23:00 on Sunday. So plenty of time in the day to spend there.


So that’s food out of the way so let’s think about something to do after you have indulged into something tasty. A night time walk along the Thames is gorgeous and very romantic. You can start from any point but the best sites can be seen if you start from the Southbank, then work your way towards London Bridge. If you walk along the south of the Thames, you can spot a few monuments on your walk, from The Tower of London to St. Pauls. If you don’t fancy walking that distance you can jump onto a Thames Clipper, that starts from Embankment to go towards London Bridge City. You could continue your journey onto the O2 if you wish. Ticket prices are very cheap and if you have an Oyster card or a travel card, you make a significant saving.

So maybe you are not looking for a view along the Thames but rather The View from The Shard. It’s a new way to view London at night or day. You can choose to get Day and Night tickets but if you only want to go once that’s totally fine. Tickets do come at a price, £25.95 for adults and there are of course discounts for students. It is a short walk from London Bridge so its in easy access, you can see the entire city from here.


Those are just a few places to go for Valentine’s Day. Let us know what you are doing for Valentine’s Day this year on Facebook or Twitter.